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Is Gary McKae a successful businessman, avid outdoorsman or amateur archaeologist? Actually, he's all those things and more. He brings his passion for life and his world of experience to his career as a leading real estate agent. As a former stockbroker and city councilman, Gary has both the financial and community insights to provide the sound information you need to make the most of your move. Gary McKae is Putting Stock In Your Investment. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, call him today.

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Silicon Valley, California is known for being home to some of the largest technology companies as well as some of the most beautiful homes in the country.  The location is extremely desirable with some of the most sought after cities in California.  Of the Silicon Valley Cities, the most sought after communities are Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Portola Valley and Woodside of San Mateo County. They are sought for the schools, medical services, proximity to arts and recreation; as well as the homes that state, “I made it”. Close to Country Clubs as Sharon Heights Country Club and Menlo Park country Club, where the exotic cars in their parking lots attribute to the success of their owners. 

The top of the list is Atherton, with it luxury homes on large estates that are hidden behind large, gated walls. Starter homes here for a standard “Atherton Acre” (really just less than an acre) start at $2.5 million for a tear down in the less school district to $25 million for a 14,000 square foot house with Pool, Tennis court, guest house and pool house, a garage for 6 cars and maybe a basement with bowlling alleys. Atherton is split between three school districts, one being Menlo Park and Las Lomitas all in the State Score of +900 with 1000 the top and Redwood city in the 700’s. in addition are private schools in walking and biking distance. The proximity to Stanford University, Stanford Shopping Center, the restaurants and shops of Menlo Park and Palo Alto; as well as CAL Train to San Francisco make it a choice the high end buyer who prefers privacy.

For the high-end buyer who loves horses there is Woodside, “Mink and Manure” it was once called. On any Friday Night you could find cowboys in jeans dancing with society’ ladies in the Whiskey Hill Saloon to the most recent area Western Group. The town has its own horse trail system. The private Woodside Trail Club has its own permitted trail system that will start you out in Woodside and end you on any beach from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. The various trails will allow the horse person a grand experience of the western hills, redwoods and maybe some cattle and deer along the way, not to mention the chance of an elk. Homes in Woodside are one-acre minimum with a few smaller lots created before the town’s incorporation. Prices start at $1.5 million for 1950’s Ranch Style homes to the +100 million Ellison Estate. Woodside Elementary has won State honors almost every year. It sports a 950 rating and its own endowment for a public school. The town is off Interstate 280, which allows fast and quick access to San Francisco, San Jose and both of their airports. Woodside has privacy, trees, a small town center with some of the most sought after restaurants for the “makers and shakers” of Silicon Valley.

Portola Valley is for those that want Woodside, but less trees and more views. It too has a 900+ elementary school system; horses are there but not a tradition as its sister town of Woodside. Population is the same at about 5000 with about 2500 residential properties each. Prices start at $1.5 and can reach the 30+ million ranges for the more elaborate estates. The town center has tennis clubs, swim clubs, restaurants and specialty shops. The views of the western hill are great as is the view of San Francisco Bay for those wishing more dramatic view. Like Woodside, Portola Valley is off Interstate 280 and has the same fast access except one additional access; Stanford University and the town of Menlo Park is a short 10 minutes away.

Menlo Park is the home of Facebook it has been a community of walkers and the enjoyment of life as the new Facebook home exemplifies. On any weekend you will find parents, grand parents, singles and the elderly walking the streets to the main center for coffee or refreshments at on the several coffee house on University Avenue. There are 4 distinct districts in Menlo Park each offering a different lifestyle for the family, couple or single to enjoy. Prices vary from less than a million dollars for townhouses and apartment to up to $5 million. Single-family homes are all on about 10,000 to 12,000 square foot lots, with the quaint cottages of the much sought after Allied Arts area with 7000 to 9000 square foot lots. The entry level is higher there too! $1,500,000 to over $5 million is not unusual.

Palo Alto is the home of many start-up companies that gain national and international recognition. The graduates of Stanford and Harvard MBA gravitate to Palo Alto with it vibrant and fresh atmosphere. University Avenue is a gridlock from 5-8 p.m. Every workday evening as workers move out to the surrounding areas home. Excellent schools of the 900+ level Palo Alto has its own utility district and its own WIFI. The town is diverse in home sizes, lot sizes and home styles. You will find an apartment/condo complex next to a Victorian. Home will start in the mid million mark and what you get is really nothing more than a small outdated home in a great community. On a price per square foot, Palo Alto most assuredly ranks the highest in the entire Silicon Valley. When the real estate market froze after the Lehman bankruptcy and the entire stand still occurred in real estate, Palo Alto just slowed down a little and then returned to its pace of moving real estate.

The above towns and cities have one thing in common Going Green was started long before it was in vogue. The Open Space is part of Woodside and Portola Valley with many contributors from financial contributions to large tracts of land. Composting was part of daily lives as separation of garbage occurred 20+ years ago with all of the towns holding composting classes for its residents without charge. Palo Alto has its own WFI network, as does Menlo Park. Telsa the new all electric car started with its first store in Menlo Park. Bike lanes permeate all of the Towns mentioned and many people regularly commute to work by the bike lanes. If you are planning to place your home on the market, browse my website for valuable information on preparing your home for sale, pricing your home right, marketing it effectively and the home inspection processes. I am passionate about my job, love my neighborhood and keep up with the latest trends and strategies so that I can pass them on to my clients. Your satisfaction is my success!

Your satisfaction is my success!

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